There is a seemingly ordinary group of humans walking the planet today,

here with a divine purpose to assist in the evolution of humanity.

The light-worker, the change maker, the paradigm shifter,

the awakened one, the spiritually gifted

- the psychic, the channel, the healer, the see'r, the intuitive.

Each empowered with a unique

Secret SuperSelf Identity and Spiritual Purpose

to help usher in the new world.

Your Secret SuperSelf Identity and spiritual purpose Quiz brought to you by...

Anne Aleckson, your SuperSelf mentor, helping you to unlock your inner superhero and your superhuman abilities so that you can save yourself, others and the World (if that is your purpose) without being disempowered by your unique kryptonite - your triggers, traumas, fears and everything you believe about yourself, others and the everything else!

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